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XRP Ripple – Analysis March 30, 2018 – XRP News

Every day we share just one recent video about XRP. Today we share “XRP Ripple – Analysis March 30, 2018 – XRP News” from Crypto Espi.

From our selected video: XRP Ripple – Analysis March 30, 2018 – The price of XRP looks finally have a little support at 46 cents. If Bitcoin continues to fall and drag everything with it remains to be seen. However, keep an eye on BTC to gauge a good idea where things are headed for XRP during the weekend. In XRP news, San Francisco based Exchange has taken the leap of faith Coinbase refuses to take. You can now buy XRP directly with FIAT with NO FEES! (for limited time)

*No Fees for first 5 Million XRP purchased on Uphold Exchange*

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