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Why Ripple Could Be The Biggest Gainer Of 2018! Ripple News, Announcements, and Analysis

Every day we share just one recent video about XRP. Today we share “Why Ripple Could Be The Biggest Gainer Of 2018! Ripple News, Announcements, and Analysis” from Crypto Headquarters.

From our selected video: In this video, I talk about Ripple and why you may want to consider adding Ripple to your portfolio before the next bull run. The purpose of today’s video is to cover some of the recent news surrounding the Ripple XRP project and show why Ripple has a bright future at this point in time. Hopefully, you guys enjoy the video and make sure to like and subscribe!

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Transparency Statement: As shown in the video, I am not invested in Ripple (XRP) at the time of making this video. This is NOT a paid or sponsored video. I am making this video purely for educational purposes.

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