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The Global Blockchain Investment Summit 2018 Will take Place in Silicon Valley

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Blockchain technologies and their applications are developing very fast and a technological and financial wave that revolves around the blockchain is overwhelming the whole world.

How to obtain first-hand information on the real blockchain technologies and how to spread the market through the search for quality projects are the difficulties common to all the players in the global  sector.

Silicon Valley, as a region with a high concentration of technology companies, offers a more inclusive environment and more mature  technologies, in which more useful applications are likely to emerge.

In this context, the 2018 Investment Summit  will take place in Silicon Valley on Friday 24 March, organized jointly by GBIB (iBankey), HYSTA and Influence Chain. The event will bring together  technical experts, the best investors, successful entrepreneurs and experienced lawyers to hold discussions on borderline topics related to blockchain technologies as well as business and investment opportunities, with the goal of promoting interactions and sharing of resources among the industry leaders.

Meanwhile, the Blockchain Investment Business College created by GBIB in collaboration with leading Silicon Valley organizations will be officially inaugurated on March 30, 2018. The first cohort of students will follow a 7-day investment course offered by the top ten investors in the world. They will also do a study trip in almost 20 companies.

This will be an important event for the best  experts in the world and for investors to hold discussions on a phenomenon that is overwhelming the whole world!

The official website to register for the event is https://www.blockchain-summit.org

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