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RIPPLE (XRP) to Be Added to COINBASE!? *NEW PROOF* Huge RIPPLE MOONSHOT! XRP Price Prediction 2018

Every day we share just one recent video about XRP. Today we share “RIPPLE (XRP) to Be Added to COINBASE!? *NEW PROOF* Huge RIPPLE MOONSHOT! XRP Price Prediction 2018” from Chronic Crypto.

From our selected video: Ripple (XRP) To Be Added on COINBASE!?? *PROOF* $18 Dollar RIPPLE!? XRP Price Prediction 2018

No this is not Clickbait Their has been REAL! Video Proof of a Coinbase demon supposedly showing Ripple (XRP) added to the Coinbase exchange following a market crash and alot of people are freaking out saying the price will moonshot! Could we see a $18 Dollar RIPPLE or no!? $5? $6? I go over my XRP Price Prediction for 2018 and why I think its expected to Moonshot in 2018 after the Market Crash. Coinbase may be adding Ripple XRP and if this haoppen this would be crazy. Ripple has had rumors of partnerships with Amazon, Uber, AirBNB. In more ripple news and ripple updates it was said to have a deal with SBI Virtual Currencies
So Crazy crazy news!


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