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Every day we share just one recent video about XRP. Today we share “RIPPLE HOLDERS WILL LOVE HEARING THIS NEWS!!” from Crypto Time.

From our selected video: RIPPLE HOLDERS WILL LOVE HEARING THIS NEWS!! – Hello everyone and welcome back to the channel! Today we are talking about some news with Ripple! Recently Bithumb to be used in over 8,000 PHYSICAL stores in South Korea! This is going to be great for apply real world use to XRP. Along with that, we have the Cobalt announcement which takes Ripple cross border payments from 3-4 second transaction speed to a 1 SECOND TRANSACTION SPEED! That is insane and GREAT news for Ripple and all of their partners. As always this is NOT financial advice and please do not make any financial decisions based off of this video. I am simply stating what I am doing and what my opinions are.

Ripple (XRP) To Be Available In 8,000 Outlets In S. Korea –

Ripple (XRP) – Everything Comes After Cobalt, Including 1-second Transmissions:

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