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Ripple, Codius, Coil, Interledger and XRP – A tidal wave of financial change is coming

Every day we share just one recent video about XRP. Today we share “Ripple, Codius, Coil, Interledger and XRP – A tidal wave of financial change is coming” from HODL Report.

From our selected video: Please watch: “Walmart goes Blockchain with a catch | They want your Biometric Data” –~–
Most of the attention with Ripple and XRP has been focused on their roll in changing and improving the Cross Border Payments system and recruiting banking financial institution utilization. While more recently a quiet revolution has been developing through the Ripple EcoSystem with Codius, Coil, Interledger and XRP. This EcoSystem is about to completely change how web monetization works.

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