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This is a short snippet from a recent XRP Ninja post. We encourage you to check out r0bertz’s blog for more articles like this one.

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An article about ILP posted on American Express’s website. It could mean nothing. But I won’t be surprised if AE turned out to be using ILP for real since there’s already rumor about it.


everis (NTT Data) confirm their adoption of ILP as the Hyperledger Quilt Project


These news prove that Ripple’s collaboration with Hyperledger to produce the Java implementation of ILP (Hyperledger Quilt Project) is a very brilliant move.

Interledger Model: Sender, Connectors, Ledgers, Receiver

So what does that mean for XRP? If you are a long time XRP hodler, you probably have already known this. But if you don’t: The more ledgers ILP connects, the more payment volume XRP will be able to bridge. See also this.

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