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Massive Ripple XRP News Today! (Cryptocurrency News)

Every day we share just one recent video about XRP. Today we share “Massive Ripple XRP News Today! (Cryptocurrency News)” from Farhan Hussain.

From our selected video: We have got some massive Ripple XRP news today! Below is a summary of what’s talked in the video.

Western Union Joins Ripple XRP
– WU has officially confirmed that they are partnering with Ripple XRP after a month of speculation
– WU will be using the xRapid platform meaning directly using XRP itself!
– Although it is a test stage not full fledge roll out
– Expect popularity of XRP to increase

Saudi Arabia Officially Joins Ripple
– SA has officially joined Ripple’s xCurrent platform
– Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority which is the central bank of SA will join in using Ripple to improve their payment infrastructure
– SAMA will use Ripple to send money globally

Ripple CEO Most Cryptos drop to $0
– Brad Garlinghouse CEO OF Ripple told at Goldman Sach’s
– Technology and Internet conference that most cryptos will likely drop to $0
– Not all cryptocurrencies are actually useful most are there for the sake of being there.

JP Morgan Announcement
– Mentioned today that Ripple is already bringing massive change to banking industry
– Will continue to do so.

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