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Huge Ripple XRP News Today (Big Crypto News)

Every day we share just one recent video about XRP. Today we share “Huge Ripple XRP News Today (Big Crypto News)” from Farhan Hussain.

From our selected video: Big Crypto Giveaway:

We have 2 huge announcements regarding Ripple (XRP) and both of them are great.

First Ripple XRP news
SBI Virtual currency offers Ripple XRP.

– SBI has announced today that they are launching Ripple on their SBI virtual currency platform
– It’s the only crypto which will be paired directly with the JPY
– SBI holdings is one of the largest financial institutions in Japan with over 4 million bokerage accounts

Second Ripple XRP news
2. Ripple XRP trading coming to India

– Unocoin is the largest crypto platform in India with over 1 million users and it has just announced that it’s going to offer Ripple XRP.
– India has huge potential when it comes to the crypto market. India has an abundant investing culture with people investing mainly in physical assets.
– Physical assets are usually a safer choice but the downside is that they yield a smaller return.
This is where crypto comes in:
– crypto (Ripple XRP) has possibility for massive returns
– Accessible to not just the wealthy but people of even lower economic backgrounds

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