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Charles Hoskinson Personally Promotes Cardano in Asia and Europe

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March 2018 started with full of events and important announcements for Cardano. One major announcement of the month was the release of the new software update – ‘Cardano 1.1.0’ which provides list of features aimed on improving user experience, fix the existing bugs and improve the overall quality of the system.

Currently Cardano aims on expanding information about the new opportunities the cryptocurrency has to offer. As a part of the campaign Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson is currently visiting the major cities in Asia and Europe with the aim of promoting Cardano. As reported Hoskinson is on a seven-week tour during which he will showcase Cardano at various professional events and media appearances.

As the part of the visits Hoskinson will be also giving speeches at leading universities and professional panels through Asia and Europe. He will also have meetings with the local Cardano communities to raise awareness on their long-term vision and personally deliver the key mission of Cardano.

In addition lately there was an important meeting conducted between Cardano Foundation and South Korean National Assembly during which challenges and opportunities in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency policies were discussed.

Cardano puts a scientific philosophy and a research-first driven approach to the core of its strategy making the cryptocurrency so reliable in the market. Cardano’s approach is driven by peer-reviewed academic research using Proof of Stake algorithm, Ouroboros etc. promising to build most advanced cryptocurrency every out there.

It is highly appreciated by the investors and field enthusiasts to see Cardano investing so much efforts and resources on raising awareness on cryptocurrency industry. Considering how young the industry is and how fast it is developing such initiations are very important to be conducted and Cardano now has the advantage of being closer to potential holders in addition to raising overall awareness on the currency.

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