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ChangeNOW Is Supporting Cardano

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ChangeNOW recently announced that Cardano (ADA) owners are already able to exchange the coins to any other cryptocurrency. This is good news for the owners as it gives more flexibility and opens up loads of opportunities.

Here are some of the key opportunities this great integration has to offer:

  • ChangeNOW is an unlimited and anonymous exchanger that requires no personal information from the owners of the currencies. All you will need to provide is the number of the wallet you wish the exchanged coins to be transferred to.

  • Exchanging your Cardano coins on this platform is cheap. The service costs as little as 0.5% for all types of transactions.

  • You can buy Cardano easily on ChangeNOW with other coins or simply using your MasterCard or Visa credit card.

  • Exchanging your coins on ChangeNOW is very easy and fast. It takes only 5 to 20 minutes to receive your selected coins to your wallet.

  • The platform is easy-to-use- you simply select the amount of coins you wish to exchange and the platform automatically generates the amount of ADA coins you can receive in exchange. After your confirmation ADA coins are transferred to the wallet you select.


ChangeNOW is one of the safest anonymous exchangers supporting over 20 most popular cryptocurrencies in the market today. Being one of the most promising and secure cryptocurrencies, Cardano perfectly matches the philosophy of ChangeNOW which has been a strong base for this successful integration. This promises even more flexibility and convenience for the coin owners while insuring their absolute anonymity.

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