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xrp pageRipple news breaks daily and from many different sources. While just following the Ripple focused blogs will eventually cover most XRP-related stories, there are many other news sources that occasionally cover important Ripple news.

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I built a Ripple news aggregator to help me quickly scan the headlines from a ton of sources for Ripple/XRP news. I have a script that checks every hour for new stories then sorts out all of the stories chronologically.

I add every single story posted at the following Ripple-focused sources:

  1. Google News Search “XRP”
  2. Hodor’s XRP Blog
  3. Ripple.com’s Blog
  4. Ripple.com’s Dev Blog
  5. Ripple Coin News
  6. Ripple News Tech
  7. XRP Ninja

The following sources are only included if I find either Ripple or XRP in either the title or body of the story. This means Ripple may not be the headline for some of these stories listed but will be mentioned in the body.

  1. Bitcoin.com
  2. Bitcoinist.com
  3. Coindesk.com
  4. Cointelegraph.com
  5. CNN.com (technology)
  6. Foxnews.com (technology)
  7. NewsBTC.com
  8. Techcrunch.com

Check out the latest stories by clicking on the header link “XRP Current News“. If I am missing any, please let me know and I’ll add it. Thanks!

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