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Binance Not Working? Here’s the Trick

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In these days Binance had a technical problem, and had to temporarily block the activities.

Now it has resumed, but many users are still unable to connect to the site to use it. But there is a way to connect to the exchange.

In fact, the site that is still inaccessible to many is the international one: www.binance.com.
However, the version for the American public seems to work correctly: us.binance.com.

Those registered in the international version are in fact also registered for the American market, and can operate in exactly the same way. So if you can not access www.binance.com you can easily go to https://us.binance.com and use that version.

You should not have any problem, or notice any difference: the two versions seem to be almost identical, have the same functionality, and are accessible by anyone registered to the platform.

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