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$3.25 Ripple (XRP) Value Expected BullRun! $XRP Going On Coinbase

Every day we share just one recent video about XRP. Today we share “$3.25 Ripple (XRP) Value Expected BullRun! $XRP Going On Coinbase” from Cryptocurrency Youtuber.

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Ripple #XRP is known as the Banker coin and people have a wide range of opinions regarding this technology, in this video i discuss my personal opinions regarding this Cryptocurrency! Some have discussed the possibility that Ripple could be going on Coinbase. Also remember this video is for entertainment purposes only this video is not financial advice and i am not a financial adviser. I AM NOT YOUR Dad and you are responsible for your own decisions! All that being said thanks to everyone who commented and talked about the recent news of crypto. Thanks for watching and remember to enter for a chance to win that Bitcoin giveaway.

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